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HTML Tables Tr,th,td Tags ( Html Table Th #2)

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Photo 2 of 9HTML Tables Tr,th,td Tags ( Html Table Th  #2)

HTML Tables Tr,th,td Tags ( Html Table Th #2)

Hi folks, this blog post is about HTML Tables Tr,th,td Tags ( Html Table Th #2). It is a image/jpeg and the resolution of this attachment is 963 x 722. This picture's file size is only 89 KB. If You ought to save This blog post to Your laptop, you have to Click here. You could too see more photos by clicking the image below or read more at here: Html Table Th.

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Exceptional Html Table Th  #1 <table> .HTML Tables Tr,th,td Tags ( Html Table Th  #2)HTML TABLES . ( Html Table Th Awesome Ideas #3)Html Tables Css Border-collapse ( Html Table Th  #4)7 Html Tutorial Table, Tr, Td, Th, Thead, Tfooter, Tbody, Colspan Tages  (Hindi/Urdu) ( Html Table Th  #5)Html Table Th  #6 Lynda.comEnter Image Description Here ( Html Table Th  #7)Html Table Th Awesome Design #8 HTML For A Basic Table Is Shown In Figure 13.1. Html Table Th #9 Another Thing You Notice That The Th Name, Age And The Location Are At The  Center Of The Column While The Cell Data Is On The Left Hand Side.
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  • HyperText Markup Language: a set of standards, a variety of SGML, used to tag the elements of a hypertext document, the standard for documents on the World Wide Web.

  • HTML,
  • HyperText Markup Language: a set of standards, a variety of SGML, used to tag the elements of a hypertext document, the standard for documents on the World Wide Web.

  • Tables

    ta•ble (tābəl),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -bled, -bling, adj. 
    1. an article of furniture consisting of a flat, slablike top supported on one or more legs or other supports: a kitchen table; an operating table; a pool table.
    2. such a piece of furniture specifically used for serving food to those seated at it.
    3. the food placed on a table to be eaten: She sets a good table.
    4. a group of persons at a table, as for a meal, game, or business transaction.
    5. a gaming table.
    6. a flat or plane surface;
      a level area.
    7. a tableland or plateau.
    8. a concise list or guide: a table of contents.
    9. an arrangement of words, numbers, or signs, or combinations of them, as in parallel columns, to exhibit a set of facts or relations in a definite, compact, and comprehensive form;
      a synopsis or scheme.
    10. (cap.) the constellation Mensa.
    11. a flat and relatively thin piece of wood, stone, metal, or other hard substance, esp. one artificially shaped for a particular purpose.
      • a course or band, esp. of masonry, having a distinctive form or position.
      • a distinctively treated surface on a wall.
    12. a smooth, flat board or slab on which inscriptions may be put.
    13. tables: 
      • the tablets on which certain collections of laws were anciently inscribed: the tables of the Decalogue.
      • the laws themselves.
    14. the inner or outer hard layer or any of the flat bones of the skull.
    15. a sounding board.
    16. [Jewelry.]
      • the upper horizontal surface of a faceted gem.
      • a gem with such a surface.
    17. on the table, [Parl. Proc.]
      • [U.S.]postponed.
      • [Brit.]submitted for consideration.
    18. turn the tables, to cause a reversal of an existing situation, esp. with regard to gaining the upper hand over a competitor, rival, antagonist, etc.: Fortune turned the tables and we won. We turned the tables on them and undersold them by 50 percent.
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    1. to place (a card, money, etc.) on a table.
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    3. [Parl. Proc.]
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    1. of, pertaining to, or for use on a table: a table lamp.
    2. suitable for serving at a table or for eating or drinking: table grapes.
    table•less, adj. 

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